Sad Poems


Today I realized why

I write poems

When I’m sad, mad – just feeling all-around bad…

Because something happens in this state

When I create…

It becomes the vehicle to a place

Of love

And it may differentiate

From person to person

But carries the essence

of a flying dove


Yes, I mold the Artist’s clay!

And display my dismay

By means of prose

Express my woes

And no –

Need to be afraid of the

Lowest lows

For Future’s unfold

Needn’t be escaped

You could live for tomorrow –

But why not live for today?

Yes, I write poems when I’m in a negative state

Because magic happens every time I create…


©️ 2019 Mena B.

The Poetic Proposition


yin yang - Great ultimate


Allow me to make

A poetic proposition

With the condition

Of agreeable tone and rhythm

And equivocal nature…


To the subjective

The passing of time

Perspective’s shift

The blinking of eyes

In best interest

The “good” and “bad”

Happy and sad

Light and shadow sides

A delicate balance

Both exist to survive

Upon each other, they rely

This poetic justice…

The means to be alive…

©️ 2019 Mena B.

The Unexpected Guest

However, anxiety-inducing

I guess I prefer

Connect over


As fearful neglect

Will ring in my ears

And I snap

as your footsteps draw near

The reality is…

I want you here

The reality is…

I’m afraid I’ll disappear

And you validate

My deepest fears

No, I’m not alone

My dear, Anxiety’s here



Feminine Rain

art by Liesl Long


Feminine Rain

Sit in the state

Of resilient strength

And honor the hopes

Of young feminine


In a world where one

Can empower many

We create the world

Where future generations carry

Their voices

Heard from mountain tops

Creating ripples to waves –

The perfect storm for change…

Empowered feminine energy spreads across this day

My, how I love dancing in feminine rain…

©️2019 Mena B.


Artists Paint Waves

Sitting in this barren room – alone

I can hear my words – echo

My friends are squeaky floorboards

Lulled beneath

sounds of my own accord

I stand up

And move my feet at a steady – pace

But it’s too soon to tell if I’ll win this race

The squeaky sounds

grow increasingly loud

My friends and I

We’re artists right now

creating conversation

Painting sound


Filling the canvas

In an empty space

©️ 2019 Mena B.

Lost Marbles



I lost my marbles…

Hear them clunk and roll

Please, tell me – which way did they go?

Because I’m tired of going

Round and round

And if I’m going to go up

I must surely come down

And maybe for awhile

I’ll just bounce around

What a delightful sound!

But such infuriating spheres to find…

I left them over the matter

Where I also left my mind…


© 2019 Mena B.