Still Motion | A Film-Poem

A world in still

My eyes are open

wider…     and…    WIDER…

Then it all goes black.

Awakened by a dream

Of hope and light

The world around me starts to take flight

faster…    and…    FASTER!

Then it all goes black.

My eyes – they open

My mind is quiet

My world…

In still –

Instill –


I close my eyes.

Then open.

A world in motion

My world instilled

In the BLINK of an eye.



The Mask | A Film Poem


Do you like the person you see in the mirror?

Is she the person you want her to be?

When she smiles does it reach her eyes?

Or are her eyes veiled in secrecy?

When she laughs do they laugh with her?

Or at her? We don’t know…

Insecurity to Insincerity

She puts on her mask and closes the door…