Phoning It In

More often than not

People don’t make sense to me

Their wayward words

And layered vulnerabilities

Hidden behind domineering



The fickle stranger

The prodding verse

But never too close

To being fully immersed

Unbroken barriers

Faking ties

“How are you?”

When they simply mean,

“Hello and goodbye.”


Only respond with

sweet little lies

Just so we can remain civilized

Present yourself with

Your head held high

Who might be watching

If you dare close your eyes

And breathe –

not a moment

No, we haven’t the time

Or you’ll surely miss out

On the debilitating grind


Meanwhile swimming in salty sea

Eye drops

Flailing before you drown

But who’s even watching?

Oh, there’s people around…

glued to the screen

Didn’t you know?

It’s digital Vaseline


Comparing ourselves to unknown beings

Confusing another’s fiction

With our own reality


Are the moments of living and breathing


To the connections of nature’s kingdom

Seeking escapism

By any means

Completely oblivious

That we’re living the dream


© 2019 Mena B.

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