Lost Marbles



I lost my marbles…

Hear them clunk and roll

Please, tell me – which way did they go?

Because I’m tired of going

Round and round

And if I’m going to go up

I must surely come down

And maybe for awhile

I’ll just bounce around

What a delightful sound!

But such infuriating spheres to find…

I left them over the matter

Where I also left my mind…


© 2019 Mena B.

The Disappearing Act


Time is the magician

He’s a master of illusion

And through immeasurable

Frame and space

I’ve come to this conclusion

Dance through the dissonance

Make your own magic

Because the truth I’m about to reveal to you

Is nothing, if not tragic

Time’s disappearing act –

A farce

Yes, it’s inevitably clear

We believe the illusion that he’s gone

When he was never really here…

© 2019 Mena B.