cracked porcelain


Cling to the old

Follow dust bunnies




Lead me –

To parts unknown

Lead me –

To cracked porcelain…

I walk along memory lane

Through thick veils of smoke

In pouring rain

Firmly settled

Beneath ticking layers

of time…

My vision – cloudy

A world – sublime

I’m certain years have gone by…

And I have yet to decide

If I’m in hell or paradise…

Dust bunny friends

Hop out of sight

The treasure hunter’s delight

Navigating a maze

The dreamer’s daze

In a world where pictures speak

And hands of a clock

Grip my heart

Control the beat

The past

Always looks prettier

As a distant memory

Harsh realities

Haunt me

Vivid fantasies

Entice me

When fragile glass falls

I’m desperate to escape

The weight of the past

Will bend you

before you break


To my regard,

You endearingly exclaim;

“My darling,

you’re a cracked porcelain doll!

My darling,

you’re antique art!”

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