Dreamily Dazed



She hums to herself

as she bustles

with the blinds open

and the windows cracked


With all her weight

pressed upon her toes

with movements – in time

 they know not, how to relax


And in the midst of such blissful reverie,

she gets lost in the motion

and allows her feet to take the lead


Then, suddenly –

a gawking, squawking

beckons her,

a guest most unwelcoming to meet


A crooked crow demands

her silence

and to stop – at once!

“Such foolish dance,”

Sneering at her with false pity.


And assuring him she meant no malice,

she wishes him a good day

He huffs and puffs and flies off

Looking for fresh prey


For she was no fool and he-

with much noise and very little to say

would undoubtedly never go a day

in silence.


As for the lady,

I promise –

She was not phased

In fact, hear her song and see her dance

you’ll find she is but dreamily dazed.



Master of Disguise



Oh, master of disguise

What a big surprise

Everyday a new charade

Self expression – so it’s fine


Oh, master of disguise

Open and close your eyes

But if you look inside

Broken pieces misfit

And the pieces are her

Self love – so distant


Oh, master of disguise

Always chasing

a new sunrise

Cover your tracks

Looking back

Self-conscious – and confined


Oh, master of disguise

Something beyond

That which the human eye can recognize

Not the mask in which you hide

But to the sublime

Being within

Self-awareness heightens – to the divine


And if you wonder where she went…

She never left

And if you wonder who she is…

She is Light.